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About Us

Helix NMBU is a newly established Formula Student team at NMBU. The team consists of 33 students from ten different study programs, aged between 19 and 26 years old. The diverse skill sets among our members provide a unique opportunity for cross-disciplinary competence development across departments and faculties. The team is currently working hard to achieve its first major goal, which is to participate in Formula Student UK 2024, held in Silverstone from July 17th to 21st.


Helix is a team that is open to anyone willing to actively contribute and has an interest in achieving the team's goals. The team aims to be a platform where students can develop technical skills and challenge themselves in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological development to reach a common goal. The Formula Student competition consists of both static and dynamic exercises where collaboration, engineering work, financial competence, and assessments made throughout the project will be tested and evaluated against other teams. Therefore, collaboration and diverse expertise are very important among our members.


Veien til Helix NMBU

The Idea

Helix NMBU started as a vision shared by 5 enthusiastic students with a shared interest in Formula 1 and a drive to create something extraordinary. The founding members, André Hellne Rasen, Mari Helene Aasbø Heiberg, Carolyn Charles, Lavanyan Rathy and Sathuriyan Sivathas, were the driving force behind the establishment of Helix NMBU, formerly known as NMBU Racing. Their aim was to create an environment for the students at NMBU, where they could apply theoretical knowledge into practice.

The Planning

After first meeting in the autumn of 2022 and discussing the vision and goals throughout the autumn of 2022 and spring of 2023, NMBU Racing was founded on May 2, 2023. Later, after discussing team names and logo design, NMBU Racing was renamed as Helix NMBU in August 2023.

In the autumn of 2023, the first Helix NMBU team was formed, ready to construct their first Formula Student car.

NMBU Racing

The first logo, made in 2022 for NMBU Racing. The logo pattern is inspired by the architectural pattern on the exterior of the oldest building at our university.


In August 2023 the team changed name to Helix NMBU. The logo uses the same pattern as the old logo, but with an addition of a single-stranded helix.


This is our updated logo still using the single-stranded helix, and the previous pattern can be seen on the inside of the helix.

The support

In addition to the founding members, we owe an honourable mention to Thilo Huck, Bård Pedersen, Mikkel Drake and Christine Isaksen, for their contributions during the founding period of Helix NMBU. A special acknowledgement goes to Christine for her work designing our logo, which has become a symbol of our team's identity.

The Community

We are also grateful for the support we received by the other Norwegian Formula Student teams, including Align Racing, Ion Racing, and Revolve NTNU. The encouragement and assistance offered by Align Racing, in particular, have played a significant role in laying the foundation of Helix NMBU.

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